Why did you decide to start-up a business in Ambridge?

It was a community I lived in and had purchased a second historic home that needed restoration. I saw the Historic District as a neighborhood that was a good economic investment choice because of the location of Old Economy Village as well as the Historic Landmark designation which opened up tax credits and other funding options for business start-up.

How easy was it to start your business?

It was a process and a learning curve to uncover what resources would best fit the restoration project--from finding an architect to working with HARB and to finding out what local ordinances were required for opening a business. Resource contacts were helpful and welcoming along that process, both local, county and state offices.

How welcoming was the community?

The local neighbors were thrilled to have the building undergo the transformation and helped support me to get the word out once the store eventually become a reality.

What is the value of having your business in Ambridge versus a town such as Beaver?

Property in Ambridge is very affordable and the location to Pittsburgh is a plus. In addition, the main resources I needed, i.e. contractors and building supplies are all within the community.

How have you been impacted by the community of Ambridge after opening this business?

My personal commitment is to continue building the Historic District and to educate others about the value of investment in the District. I welcomed several other antique shops that have since opened and believe that the area can easily become a destination for shoppers. Plus the bonus of having a national museum in the neighborhood is invaluable. We are all working together to support each other and have found we can network to share business promotions and outbound marketing efforts.


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