Why did you decide to start-up a business in Ambridge?

I grew up with baking in the family so it was only natural to continue on with the business. When we moved to the downtown, it was clear that the bakery was a need in the community. We have been baking forever and felt that it was right to fill that void.

How easy was it to start your business?

It was fairly easy to open the business, especially with our prior experience. The bakery moved from the Historic District in February of 2009. I used private funds to open the business and also carried over a lot of the tools and supplies that my family had already owned.

How welcoming was the community?

The community was very welcoming. We tend to be the busiest in the mornings and over the weekend and I can definitely say that we have received more business in this location than we did at our old bakery.

What is the value of having your business in Ambridge versus a town such as Beaver?

Owning a business in Ambridge is much cheaper than it is in most other places and with the right business, you can draw people in from all over. I wouldn’t want to go somewhere like Beaver or Sewickley because of their yuppie attitudes. Ambridge is not superficial.

How have you been impacted by the community of Ambridge after opening this business?

The community has impacted me because I have been able to form a strong connection with my customers. I have also been able to take over the Crime Watch committee in town and experience other organizations in Ambridge as well. I would love to see the people of Ambridge come out more to shop locally along Merchant Street.


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