Why did you decide to start-up a business in Ambridge?

At the point that my two partners and I decided to open, there was a need for this type of business in the community. There were several bars that had served the community in the past but there were not any non-smoking bars in the area where family and friends could gather. We wanted to bring a safe, friendly, smoke free, neighborhood bar and restaurant to Ambridge. The idea for Bridgetown Taphouse came about after my partners and I had met at one of the old local bars, Rook’s. Since all three of us are from Ambridge and our families have owned businesses in Ambridge, we have a vested interest in this town.

How easy was it to start your business?

This building was an existing bar that we were able to revamp and renovate via private funds. We also received a lot of support from Joe Kauer (Township Manager) and Rob Matzie (State Representative) as we went through the process of acquiring our permits and liquor license. As a result, Bridgetown opened March of 2015.

How welcoming was the community?

The community was very welcoming and through word of mouth, we were able to have a strong Facebook presence before even opening. Our business has received a lot of support from the people of Ambridge and surrounding areas.As a community, we should always be fostering a welcoming environment.

What is the value of having your business in Ambridge versus a town such as Beaver?

The proximity to Pittsburgh and Allegheny County in general is huge. We can pull in a lot of business from surrounding areas because of our geographic location, not to mention our access to the airport. Ambridge also has better taxes, cheaper real estate, and the buildings are easy to rehab.

How have you been impacted by the community of Ambridge after opening this business?

There are so many people who support Ambridge and all of the local business owners have a friendly, working relationship with one another. There is a lot of mutual respect and reciprocity amongst us. I have also gotten to see the development that Ambridge is going through after growing up here and seeing the positive changes that have occurred since my childhood.


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