The first testimonial of the week comes from Sharon Guerrieri, owner of R & S Enterprises. It was such a pleasure to sit down with Sharon and get the chance to hear her story and the wisdom that she had to offer.

Why did you decide to start-up a business in Ambridge?

This business has been in my family for 48 years. My parents started it as a printing shop in our home in Economy. My father was a brilliant business man and this has always been a strong family business; my siblings and I were involved in decisions even just as little kids. We opened at this location in March of 1979 after my family decided to expand and add the retail sector to our printing business. My father has always been pro-Ambridge and because my grandmother and great-grandparents owned businesses here in the past, I was sold by my fond memories as a child, as well as the location. The location is fantastic because our compass reaches even beyond the entire tristate area.

What was your experience like in obtaining financing?

This whole business has been privately funded. My father grew up during the Great Depression so he did not want to spend more money than we had. Our progress was a little bit slower because of that, but it did not slow our business down in any way.

What advice would you have for a beginning business owner?

You need to ask yourself this question; what can I offer my customers that is different from anywhere else. You need to provide a quality product and realize that you will not become wealthy overnight. Owning a business and building a business are two different things, be prepared to make sacrifices because there is no easy street.

What was the biggest surprise in starting your business?

I am surprised almost daily. The biggest surprise, though, was that people are so unaware that the unique and cost conscious businesses are all local. The online printers have not bothered us too badly because we can communicate directly with our customers and physically show them exactly what they want. I have learned that business is a building block and you need to be able to reassess situations and stay positive in order to keep moving forward.

How have you been impacted by the community of Ambridge after opening this business?

There are good people here in Ambridge. It is a good town with a rich history. Overall, I have been impacted in a very positive way by the community. I have formed phenomenal friendships and the personal interaction that you have here does not happen outside of a small town.


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