Why did you decide to start-up a business in Ambridge?

We chose Ambridge because I already had a lot of customers in this area and I wanted to be closer to them so we opened the business on Merchant St. and now live in Conway. Before Ambridge, I ran this business out of my house for three years and also worked for groomers in Sewickley and Wexford.

What was your experience like in obtaining financing?

All of this was privately financed and we have been here in Ambridge now for seven years.

What advice would you have for a beginning business owner?

Make sure to give your business plan a lot of thought and be prepared to sit around as everything is getting worked out and you go through the process. It is important to stick with it and market your business well. Owning a small business is very time consuming and it takes a lot of work so you need to be mentally prepared for that.

What was your biggest surprise in starting your business?

I was very surprised by how welcoming the community of Ambridge was and even that people who do not own pets would come in to tell me how glad they were to have this business in town.

How have you been impacted by the community of Ambridge after opening this business?

This is a very friendly community and the people are extremely welcoming. Ambridge has been a great town to own a business in.


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