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Ambridge has a proud history of being one of the nations’ leading industrial powerhouses. Named after the American Bridge Company, the steel factory in Ambridge produced some of the nation’s finest landmarks from the Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco to the Empire State Building in New York. With its’ 446 bridges, Pittsburgh is known as “The city of bridges,” and many of those were made right here in Ambridge. During the war, Ambridge switched from making bridges to LST ships for the United States Navy swelling the population and bringing prosperity to the area.

With the collapse of the steel industry in the 1980’s, the old American Bridge factory was converted into the Port of Ambridge, an industrial park with many smaller, steel-related industries establishing there, and the former Armco plant experienced a renaissance as a mixed-use complex of industrial, commercial and office space and was renamed the Ambridge Regional Manufacturing and Distribution Center.

Although Ambridge has a long history as an industrial powerhouse, it is also home to a National Historic Landmark District and is designated a Preserve America Community. The beautifully preserved Old Economy Village Historic Site is a showcase of life as a Harmonist, and holds many historical events during the year, depicting life as it was in 1824.

Being only about 15 miles from Downtown Pittsburgh, 20 minutes from Pittsburgh International Airport, 5 miles from Sewickley, immediate access to Pennsylvania Route 65 and 51, exits on I-79 and I-376, and with a much lower cost of housing in a more relaxed, urban environment, Ambridge is home to many who choose to live here and commute to their place of work.

Ambridge residents have formed numerous clubs for those wishing to participate in its’ revitalization, including an active gardening club, a club dedicated to beautifying Ambridge, etc. The residents also enjoy its diverse ethnic heritage represented by its 21 churches, four public parks, countless specialty shops, B&B’s and hotels, including a nationwide chain hotel, and many family owned restaurants. Ambridge is also home to the Laughlin Memorial Public Library, the Anglican Trinity School of Ministry, and the Beaver County Emergency Services Headquarters. As evidence of its progress to revitalize, several new businesses opened last year, including restaurants, theater, antique shops, and more. Indeed, if a visitor returned to Ambridge after being away for a couple of years, they wouldn’t recognize its’ new found identity.

Although residential property prices have been steadily rising over the past few years as commuters moved into the area and speculators began investing in anticipation of a new industrial boom caused by the opening of the Shell cracker plant, prices are still well below the national average and Ambridge will be considered an ideal place to live by workers at the new Shell plant and associated downstream industries establishing in Ambridge and the local area. As the number of residents increased, the town-center has seen improvement and, as part of the revitalization program, Ambridge received funding to provide a complete facelift for its downtown corridor situated on Merchant Street between block 4th and 8th Streets. Construction is scheduled to start in 2018. With sidewalk cafés, ornamental street lighting and a host of other improvements, the downtown will become the focal point for residents and visitors alike.

An industry friendly borough with a good inventory of real estate for sale and lease, Ambridge is anticipating and planning for downstream industries wishing to establish themselves in the borough. Along with this economic upturn, Ambridge will once again become an economic hub, providing business for local enterprises.

For companies or people wanting to start or relocate their business to Ambridge, there is no better time. There are many incentives including grants and loans available to anyone wishing to start a new business here. If you’d like to be kept up-to-date about the latest news from Ambridge, please use the newsletter sign-up form to the right. For more information, please contact Ambridge Borough Manager, Joe Kauer at 724-266-4070 or use the form at the bottom of this page to send us an email.

Congressman Keith J. Rothfus Attends February's Main Streets Project Meeting.

Many thanks to Congressman Keith Rothfus and his team for attending the Ambridge Downtown Development Council meeting!

Ambridge Ranks within Top 25 Cities for Millennials in Pennsylvania

Positive factors that have pushed Ambridge to the top of the list is our low cost of living compared to other areas within the state, affordable properties in the community for young families and access to public transportation. Please click here to read the full article

Main Street Streetscape Project, Starting Spring 2018

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The first phase is budgeted for 2018 and will provide a complete makeover of Merchant Street from 4th to 8th Streets, including new sidewalks, curbs, removal of the current overhead electric lines, new street lanterns, power service for community events, public parking lot improvements, street trees, landscaping, street furniture, and more.
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