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By partnering with Midland Development Corp., Lincoln Park Performing Arts Center and Midland Arts Council, Midland is defining itself as the cultural and artistic destination of Beaver County.

Having secured funding for downtown improvements, the borough underwent an ‘extreme make-over’ on its main thoroughfare, Midland Ave. New sidewalks and streetlights and the improvements to building facades have had a dramatic effect on the impression downtown makes on visitors. With over 650 professionals coming into town every day to work, a good deal of traffic making its way each day down the main thoroughfare, and with many attending the cultural and arts performances, Midland is well positioned to expand its’ already thriving retail and restaurant base. Now, with the $6 Billion Shell Cracker Plant currently under construction, Midland is anticipating a substantial increase in industry and residents, taking advantage of its' close proximity to this new mega-plant.

This is a partial list of things that help make Midland unique and a great place to live and work:

  • Midland Ave. is clean, safe and bustling with activity
  • Benches and/or mini-parks line the business district so people can gather outside as well as inside
  • Residents and visitors can locally find all the amenities they need for necessities and also access food and entertainment
  • Downtown is full of a variety of shops, from basics to specialty
  • All along Midland Ave. green spaces or flower containers complement the new trees and give a welcoming, green appearance
  • The downtown area is attractive and walkable, with minimized truck traffic
  • Other forms of transportation such as bicycles are supported and encouraged
  • Proximity to the Ohio River
  • Carnegie Library
  • Beautiful parks and several nice playgrounds
  • County Airport
  • Center to the Marcellus Shale activities
  • Good supply of retail and commercial space
  • Quick access to Ohio and West Virginia
  • Great property values
  • Close to metropolitan center and international airport
  • Strong industrial base
  • Well-rounded and diverse population
  • Influx of significant newer businesses
  • Reputation as a friendly and welcoming community
  • A private Development Corp.
  • Good amount of through-traffic and foot traffic
  • Strong sense of community
  • Committed economic development partners
  • A credible planning process

Views of our beautiful Borough of Midland


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